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Who benefits from a Move Manager?

Historically called Senior Move Management, what we do can benefit anyone! No matter who you are, or where you’re relocating to or from, a move manager can partner with you to develop a custom plan and streamline the process, start to finish.

So who benefits from a managed move? How about when you’re:

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Moving in Retirement

A young man in a black suit shakes hand with a woman in a pale blue blouse and straight blond hair. Clapping hands are visible in the foreground, suggesting perhaps this is an announcement for a promotion.

Busy Professional

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Packing Up for a Remodel

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Combining Homes

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Making a Luxury Move

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Settling a Divorce

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Moving after Loss

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Traveling the World

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Settling an Estate

or when you just have better things to do!

Full-service or a la carte, our experts develop a strategic plan

to suit your unique needs.

With expert project management from start to finish, we handle the details

and coordinate with other reliable experts along the way.

Plan Development & Project Management

Our experienced Move Managers are experts at partnering with you to craft your best plan. They can develop a timeline and estimate, provide and recommend services, and manage the entire process start to finish.

Accurate Floor Planning

Our in-house Design Department creates interactive, scale 2-D models of your future home for expert and exact furniture placement - ensuring a perfect fit on Move Day.

Professional Sorting

& Packing

Our highly trained Move Associates are expert packers - even with your most fragile china, décor, and artwork. Our labeling system ensures an efficient and organized unpack, and our inventory options guarantee nothing is misplaced.

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Mover Coordination & Supervision

We've done the research and already vetted the movers! Our local and long-distance partners will take exceptional care of your belongings as they travel from old home to new.

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Unpacking & Organizing

Most of our moves are fully unpacked the same day! Our friendly Move Associates will have your whole home unpacked and organized the way you like it. We can even place and hang your artwork!

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& Clean Outs

With a dedicated in-house Liquidations Department, we work with an online auction platform, local auction houses, donation centers, and junk haulers to clear out the home after the move.

*Liquidations Consultations are $350 for an in-home expert assessment and customized Liquidations Plan

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