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Let us handle your move so you can focus on what's important.

We are experts at moving into 55+ and Senior Living Communities, Empty Nest Downsizing, moving and assistance with Division of Assets after Death or Divorce, Generational Moves or Estate Sales after Loss of a Loved One, full-service Corporate Relocation, white glove Luxury Moves, and moving Individuals with Disabilities.

What makes our team exceptional is our outstanding professionalism and unmatched compassion. If you are experiencing a difficult or overwhelming life event leading to this move, let us support you through the process so you can focus on what's really important. And, whether or not you need a little extra care along the way, our team will deliver our signature professionalism, efficiency, and quality - every single time.

Continue reading below for a full list of our individual services, which are available as a full-service package or à la carte, depending on your unique needs. To schedule your FREE 1-Hr Consultation, give our friendly team a call at 610-295-0036 or click the button below to fill out our request form.

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Our Signature One Day Move-In*

Hand drawn diagram showing the parts of a move

Our unique approach makes sure our clients keep smiling on Move Day!

Before the move, we create furniture layouts of your new home to make sure your favorite furniture pieces fit, and to assess how much storage you will have. This then determines how we approach the packing.

We declutter to prepare the house for the market, and begin packing non-essentials right away. As it gets closer to Move Day, we complete the Downsizing (or "Right-sizing"!) and finish the pack and move prep. Because of our careful planning and organization, our team and truck work like clockwork on Move Day!

On Move Day: We usually start at 8:30am and finish by dinnertime!

The day includes:

  • Coordinating all details with the new community (if applicable)
  • Securing and supervising the movers (the "guys with the muscles and the truck")
  • Final packing of items that were needed the night before the move
  • Placing of furniture exactly as designed on Floor Plan
  • Unpacking all boxes and bins and storing items in the new home
  • Making beds, organizing the kitchen, bathrooms, and closets
  • Connecting TVs and Computers, etc.
  • Artfully designing bookcases, hutches, and curio cabinets
  • Displaying decorative items in an artful way
  • Hanging artwork (on move day or soon after) so your new house feels like home!

*Very large homes or client-packed moves may require a Two Day Move-In

Furniture & Space Planning Services

A woman measures a grandfather clock while another one records the measurements.


  • Selecting your favorite furniture items and choosing useful pieces that might fit well in your new home
  • Designing beautiful and functional layouts for your new home (or redesigned current home)
  • Planning your pack and move based on furniture placement and available storage in your new home.

How does this make move day smoother? Our move teams know exactly where to place furniture, and we can make sure you don’t bring more than can fit in your new home – so there’s no need to dig you out after the truck leaves!

Downsizing & Decluttering

Hands carefully placing neatly-stacked bowls in a kitchen cabinet


  • Providing expert "right-sizing" sorting services so you only keep what you really need and love
  • Finding new homes for unwanted items
  • Minimizing clutter

Please note: if you know from the start you have a LOT to get rid of, you may qualify to do a Whole-Home Online Auction! Call us before you begin, to schedule your in-home consultation with our Liquidations Manager.

Please note, Liquidation Consultations are $350 for 1-2 hours and a full written report and/or a project proposal.

Full Home Pack (and Unpack)

A woman places an item wrapped in newsprint into a cardboard box

Moving doesn't have to be miserable! After Floor Planning and "Right-sizing," the real work begins!


  • Pack up your non-essentials to get a head start while your house is on the market
  • Carefully wrapping and boxing all items, including your most treasured china, artwork, and other items
  • Keeping your treasures safe from start to finish with our highly-trained staff
  • On Move Day, unpacking all your belongings and removing all packing materials, so your new place instantly feels like "home"!

Liquidations: Online Whole-Home Auctions

Cardboard Boxes labelled for auction

Great for major downsizing moves, estate sales, and divorces - our online auctions have an average 98% sale rate and are the fastest and easiest way to clear out a house! Our Liquidations Manager is credentialed through the American Society of Estate Liquidators and will plan and manage your Whole-Home Online Auction from setup to pickup!

How does a Whole-Home Online Auction work?

  • You move out, and remove any items from the home that you want to keep or give to family.
  • Our Liquidations Manager creates an auction plan and removes non-saleable items from the home.
  • Saleable items are organized into lots.
  • Lots are photographed and uploaded lots to the auction website with detailed descriptions.
  • Auction is advertised through social media and is live for about 7 days.
  • Buyers pay in advance, and are escorted directly to their purchases by Liquidations Staff on Pickup Day.
  • Any unsold items are hauled to donation and discard so house is completely empty and ready to be cleaned and sold!

Please note, Liquidation Consultations are $350 for one hour and a full written report and/or a project proposal.

Fair and Simple Division of Assets

Screen shot of assets furniture inventory

We use a powerful proprietary software that is used by courts in cases of divorce or division of estates. Includes:

  • Inventorying and photographing all assets to be divided
  • Inviting relevant participants to review items
  • Applying fair division process in rounds
  • Allocating and tracking property and asset shares with detailed reports
  • Finding homes for leftover items (typically donation or sale)
  • Packing and shipping items to get them to their final destinations

Prepping for Sale of Real Estate

Traditional living room, tidy and staged to sell.


  • Decluttering to sell for best photos and open house impressions
  • Advising on appropriate home improvements and repairs
  • Providing realtor contacts

Personal Organization

Cleaning and organizing the pantry


  • Identifying your favorite things
  • Assisting with sorting and removing items no longer needed
  • Reorganizing favorite things so they are more accessible and easier to find
  • Organizing kitchens, bathrooms, closets, drawers, bookcases, collections, etc.


Hand holding a grab bar beside shower controls.


  • Redefining spaces to fit current and future needs (such as moving a bedroom downstairs for better accessibility)
  • Redesigning current spaces through decluttering and rearranging furnishings

*Please note: Free consultations are only to determine level of service needed.

Short-term Rental of our NEW Guest House and Apartments

Beautiful Kitchen with cherry counter tops and recessed lighting

House sold before your new home is ready?

We now have fully-furnished short-term rental properties available in the Lehigh Valley with all the kitchen and bathroom essentials for your transition period. You can also reserve one for incoming guests. Give us a call to inquire about availability at 610-295-0036.

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*Please note, Liquidation Consultations are $350 for 1-2 hours and a full written report and/or a project proposal.