Educational Seminars

Educational Seminars

Now virtual with Zoom!

Jill Kearney, Founder and CEO of Specialty Moves by Design, presents entertaining and educational seminars on decluttering, downsizing, moving, staging, and finding the right home for your retirement around Eastern Pennsylvania, regionally and nationally!

Seminars related to the typical move process, include:

  • Decluttering and Downsizing
  • Staging to Sell
  • Managed Moves: The Joyful Move Process

Plus, retirement-specific seminars on popular topics for folks 55+:

These seminars have been hugely popular throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley and are known to fill up fast! Click here to read more about Retirement Resources.

Whether you are a community looking for a marketing partner, a professional or social organization looking for a speaker at your event, or even a professional with clients who could benefit from moving education, Specialty Moves by Design will keep your audience engaged and ready to start their own move process!

If you would like to host a seminar and partner with us to help better serve our community, we would welcome your call at 610-295-0036​!

Jill Smiles at the camera, in front of her Zoom webinar setup! She looks excited to present about Decluttering.

Upcoming Virtual Seminars:

Events are open to the public and free unless otherwise noted. Most events require registration with the host - please click on the link or call the phone number next to the event to register. All events are in Eastern Time.

Choosing Your Next Home in Retirement:

  • ONGOING: From Frustration to Freedom: Exploring Home & Lifestyle Options for Your Best Retirement. Click here to register!

Downsizing and Decluttering:

  • May 18, 12:00pm, hosted by Northampton Area Public Library - The JOY of a Decluttered Home. Click here to register!
  • May 25, 10:30am, hosted at Luther Crest with very limited seating for social distancing - The JOY of a Decluttered Home. Please call 610-628-3461 to register with Luther Crest!

Staging to Sell:

Stay tuned for upcoming talks!

The Joyful Managed Move:

Stay tuned for upcoming talks!

Aging in Place:

  • May 6, 12:00pm, hosted by Frederick Living - Secrets to Successfully Aging-in-Place: When Moving Today Doesn't Make Sense. Click here to register!
  • May 7, 1:00pm, hosted by Lehigh Valley Institute for Learning in Retirement - Secrets to Successfully Aging-in-Place. For more information, or to be added to the mail list for future sessions, call 610-606-4666 ext. 3381.

The NEW Way to Move:

  • May 20, 12:00pm, hosted by Frederick Living - The NEW Way to Move: Introducing the Specialty Move Manager. Click here to register!
  • May 21, 1:00pm, hosted by Lehigh Valley Institute for Learning in Retirement - The NEW Way to Move: Introducing the Specialty Move Manager. For more information, or to be added to the mail list for future sessions, call 610-606-4666 ext. 3381.

Additional and Special Events:

  • May 14, 1:00pm, hosted by Lehigh Valley Aging in Place (Members Only) - Moving and Organizing Business Spaces: Making Workspaces Work for You

Resources for Exploring Retirement Options

from Jill D Kearney, Senior Living Expert

Overwhelmed by your retirement living options? Jill recently released The Ultimate Planner for Finding Your Next Home in Retirement - a full online course to guide individuals and couples 55+ in making the big decision to move in retirement.

Drawn from Jill's 12 years in the Senior Move Management industry, her involvement on national and local boards, personal experience, PLUS research and feedback from her sellout live seminar series, The Ultimate Planner will take a deep dive into designing and finding your next home in retirement--without the overwhelm!

Jill Kearney, Founder/CEO

This six module, video-based course comprehensively covers the process of identifying the best features for your perfect home in retirement. It will help you consider location, structure, finances and even the purpose you want to live out in your life after work and kids. And in the end, this course will help you evaluate real homes and then choose your best home for retirement.

The course is also jam packed with 18 downloadable planning activities, worksheets, checklists, and resource lists to help you along your journey.

If that sounds like a LOT, don’t worry! Jill's unique process is broken down into six bite-sized, completely "do-able" modules. Her process is SO simple, you can actually implement each step in your own life right away (or, whenever you’re ready!)

To learn more,
click here.

For more information on online seminars, courses, and other retirement resources, visit and follow Jill on Facebook!

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If you aren't sure just how many housing options might fit your retirement lifestyle and budget, or if you are totally overwhelmed at sorting through them all, you can now join Jill in a free webinar where she dives into the details of a number of popular retirement lifestyle choices, and shares her process of how to determine which one is best for you.

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