Our health and safety promise during the Covid-19 pandemic

We are asking everyone to follow these recommendations in both the office and on project sites:

Our Staff is required to:

  • Be fully vaccinated against Covid-19
  • Wash/Disinfect hands regularly
  • Stay home and isolate if showing any symptoms of Covid, Flu, or other illness, and complete a negative Covid test before returning to work
  • Wear mask/face covering across nose and mouth if testing negative for Covid but still showing symptoms of allergies or a cold
  • Follow senior living community protocols at all times, including temperature checks, sign ins, and masking

Our Clients - we ask that you:

  • Inform us if you develop a fever, or any Covid or flu-like symptoms, and consider rescheduling your appointment or isolating from our team if you're sick
  • Consider masking (unless not recommended by your physician)
  • Wash/Disinfect hands regularly  
  • Limit non-essential persons on a project site (other family, contractors, etc)

Our Moving Partners - we ask that you:

  • Keep your employees at home if they develop a fever or show any symptoms of Covid, Flu, or other illness and cannot show a negative Covid test
  • Wash/Disinfect hands regularly
  • Wear mask/face covering across nose and mouth if showing any cold symptoms and/or when required by a client or a community
  • Follow community protocols at all times so as to protect our business relationships.

Along with our community partners, who were severely impacted over the past two years, we consider protecting everyone a top priority. We reserve the right to change these protocols as needed or refuse service on a case by case basis. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions relating to our COVID-19 safety response,
please call our office at 610-295-003